Fence Services Questions

What services do you offer?

We are a team of fence specialists.

Our services include fence sales and estimates, fence installation, and fence repairs for returning clients. In addition to A-1 Fence, our other online stores are designed to fit your fence needs from small fence parts to privacy chain link slats.

If you need a fence permit, please visit our resources page.


Currently, our team is working hard to add another service for do-it-yourselfers. We are hoping to announce this exciting change in 2023. Stay tuned for details.


What fence styles do you install?

We sell and install a variety of fence styles. Our selection includes:

You can view each of these styles on the home page.

Home Page

Do you provide land survey services?

While we are flattered by requests to survey your property, we leave it to your local professionals to get the job done well. We recommend doing a quick internet search to find a surveyor near you.


What locations do you provide service?

We serve all of Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.

Do you repair old fences?
The materials we work with are products that we know and trust. Rather than try to repair an old fence another company previously installed, we remove it entirely before installing new products. Our motivation for this is to provide you with the privacy and security you need.
Is there an onsite estimate fee?
Yes, we charge for onsite estimates. One of our sales specialists will visit the site of your project to discuss specifications and figure exact measurements so we can provide you with an exact quote.


Before committing to an onsite estimate, you can use our free online tool.


Free Online Estimate

Do you install underground dog fences?

We are happy to install chain link dog runs, backyard perimeter fences, and spacious kennels for pets. Our business doesn't condone shocking pets and believe underground fences to be unreliable which can put furry friends in danger. Our fences chain link fences are a better solution to keep your pets safe within your yard and keeping wildlife out. To view our dog-specific fences, view our gallery on our Galvanized Chain Link page.

Fence Installation & Repair Questions

How long will it be until my fence project will be scheduled after completing the onsite estimate?

Due to the seasonal nature of our business, our project scheduling times vary. Our high season is spring to early fall and projects can be scheduled a month out from the time a contract is signed and half of the contract amount is paid. The most accurate timeframe we can provide for you will be during the onsite estimate visit where you can discuss this directly with the A-Team's sales representative.


What is the average amount of time for a fence project to be completed?

The length of time for each project really depends on ground, weather, and the type of fence our team installs. Greater linear footage, rocky terrain, and stormy weather all can impact a project to take longer than if it's an easy installation.
How do I know if my fence is under warranty?
Visit our warranty page to see if your fence qualifies for a warranty repair.

Warranty Information

My fence is damaged. What do I do?
To have a repair done, you will need to fill out our contact form in order to have a repair done.

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